At Rènshí, we know that the stress of life diminishes confidence and self-control.

Our system harnesses ancient proven practices that builds discipline, self-awareness and purpose to encourage better life decisions and to unleash mental and physical potential.

Our mission is to help you build confidence in your abilities by strengthening your body through our martial arts practices and your mind through meditation and qigong.


Rènshí is a school of traditional Wudang Style Chinese Martial Arts and well being.

We teach Tai Chi, Wushu, Qigong, Chinna, San Shao and Weaponry

All useful in building mental and physical strength, as well as preparation for combat and real-life conflict.

Through our traditional practices, one will learn the importance of movement, breathing, flexibility and mental fortitude


“Self-control is the only power we have to unleash physical and mental potential.”

We strongly believe that the ability to control ones thoughts and actions allows them to transcend the limitations  we put on ourselves. All can be achieved through self mastery.

It all begins with mindfulness, discipline, humility and confidence

It all begins with Rènshí

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