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South africa

head master

- laoshi Ethan Sicard -

Laoshi Ethan has been training in traditional Chinese martial arts since the age of 6, has competed in international competition since the age of 10 and has been instructing since the age of 16.

Training began in 2005 under Shigung Robert at Ming Kung Fu school,
competing in domestic and international martial arts competitions since 2010.

In 2020 Laoshi Ethan co-founded Renshi kung fu to help others reach their mental and physical potential through the traditional teachings of Chinese martial arts.


Bronze medal Open Jian Tao Lu
Bronze medal U16 Wushu open hand Tao Lu

Gold medal U16 Wushu open hand Tao Lu
Gold medal U16 Southern fist Tao Lu
Silver medal Open Yang Tao Lu
Silver medal Junior SanShao

Bronze medal Open Yang Tao Lu

Gold medal Open Yang Tao Lu
Gold medal Open Wushu open hand Tao Lu
Gold medal U16 San Shao

Highest honors Wudang instructors qualification
Highest honors Taijiquan Black belt
Wushu Black belt
Southern Fist Black belt
Baguazhang Green belt


- dean "laowang" naidoo-

Dean, also known as "LaoWang" is an experienced Renshi Kung Fu instructor.

Dean is an experienced martial artist who has trained with Laoshi Ethan for several years before the start of Renshi Kung Fu - both being students at Ming Kung Fu.
Dean is now a highly respected senior student and instructor at Renshi Kung Fu.

Dean got the nickname, "LaoWang" meaning "uncle" or "elder", because of his years of experience and high level of skill in both routine and combat.

Dean has gone through extensive training in Karate, Tai Chi and Wushu. He has dedicated the rest of his life to martial arts and the growth of Renshi Kung Fu.


Taijiquan Blue belt
Karate Black belt
5 years independent Tai Chi instructing
Renshi Coaching Qualification

new zealand

head coach

- alistair "daxia" cotton-

Coach Alistair Cotton, also known as "Daxia" is a Renshi Tai Chi and Qigong coach.

Coach Alistair has been training closely under Laoshi Ethan for many years and was given the nickname "Daxia", meaning "big hero", not just for his stature,
but for his generous attitude and enthusiasm for helping anyone in need.

With help from Laoshi Ethan, Coach Alistair runs the Renshi New Zealand school prioritizing Tai Chi, Qigong and meditation.


Taijiquan Green belt
Wing Chun 2nd Degree Red Sash
Renshi Coaching Qualification
Southern Fist White belt

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