- master yourself -

the most gentle way to well being
available in the privacy of your own home

Renshi Kung Fu is reaching out to you, now more than ever!

Not only are we encouraging you, we are challenging you to give yourself the gift of wellness.

Do that thing you’ve always told yourself you wanted to do, but never took that leap.

Renshi Kung Fu shares knowledge and practices passed down from generation to generation, tracing its routes to the Wudang mountains of ancient China.

We’ve been preserving and improving on methods and traditions dating back thousands of years to perfectly suit the needs of the modern man and woman.

Young and old would benefit from the advantages you gain from Tai Chi.

We seek to share our skills and knowledge to all who seek to learn.

We offer group Taichi classes for all,

as well as one-on-one lessons for those who value privacy.

You’re only one step away from joining the Renshi family and unlocking your mental and physical potential as a group,

or having a Renshi master train you at your own limits, in the privacy of your own home.

Want something better?

Try something better!


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